Scirge Cloud Is Here

Scirge Cloud Is Here

Understanding the needs of smaller organizations and cloud-first enterprises, we have launched our native cloud service for managing your Scirge Endpoint Browser Extensions. Creating visibility for Shadow IT applications and accounts is now achievable within minutes. Evaluating and running the Scirge Central Management Server in the cloud makes small business deployments feasible, and allows large organizations to leverage uncapped capacity for scaling.

As an added bonus, we are offering two hours of free onboarding consultation and support for all self-managed deployments, to help you navigate the first steps. Though built-in guides and extensive documentation are available for all experts for deep diving, a baseline configuration with alerts for the most critical events can be set up within a few minutes.

We are also adding an MSP model with version 4.0 that enables managed service providers to enrich their portfolios with a simple solution to lay the foundations of cloud visibility for their customers. The MSP version’s availability is dependent on our channel. If you are an MSP, feel free to inquire about it at

For those businesses that are highly regulated against cloud usage, or prefer security solutions on-site, we still offer Scirge managed via a virtual appliance that can be deployed at your premises or private cloud.

Why Is Cloud Visibility a Top Priority in 2023?

With AI enabling startups and entrepreneurs to launch SaaS services quicker than ever, the competition amongst online services will be sharper than ever. This enables organizations to experiment and get the best of the cloud based on individual initiative, and agile business units. The downside of course is always security and compliance. Experimental, fast-growing businesses are concerned about user traction and revenues more than anything, so expect a surge in low-end support, integrations, and security features with these upcoming services.

Scirge has a unique mindset for establishing control over unsanctioned cloud services. We focus on uncovering hidden tools for management, that are potential gems and security holes at the same time. To drive culture change along the way, we are also giving employees proper feedback about the risks they are facing as they go.

After all, enabling our workforce to find the most tailored tools is the only way for a modern business to gain the edge, so long as it is aligned with strategic goals and is visible for decision-makers to endorse and standardize. Thus, Shadow IT is not a problem, but a huge opportunity for businesses to cumulate and operationalize their best-performing digital tools, suppliers, and assets. Getting visibility, while allowing your employees to shine.

About Scirge

Scirge provides a unique approach to unveil and gain control over unmanaged third-party web accounts. Scirge tracks the websites employees use corporate email addresses to register on and log in to. Having a central dashboard of discovered accounts helps to reduce the risk of credential-related threats such as password reuse or account takeover (ATO). Scirge gives a level of control over SaaS usage to overcome Shadow IT. It also helps to ensure that your company complies with GDPR, CCPA, and other audit requirements.