Can you recall what websites did you register on with your corporate email address this year? Last year? Or the year before?

Each person has 200 online accounts on average.

Online accounts are created by employees daily for various business needs. Mostly on-demand and in an ad-hoc way. This can result in thousands of unmonitored accounts, creating an enormous amount of risks and compliance issues.

This is what's called Shadow IT.

Over 80% of breaches within hacking involve brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials.

Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

5 Steps To Conquer Shadow IT



Illuminate Your Cloud Footprint

Which apps are used by employees?

What accounts can employees access, even after leaving?

Which sites should IT support or block?

Are there excess licenses being paid for?

CIOs underestimate the number of cloud applications by a factor of 15-22x.



Check Accounts For Password Security

Is it complex enough?

Has it been reused multiple times?

Is it also used for local services?

Has it been stolen already?


70% of passwords are easily crackable.




Educate Your Users Continuously

Are all sites safe to share data through?

What password complexity is required?

Should they change passwords regularly online?

Is it allowed to use shared accounts?

#1 attack vector for hacking is stolen credentials.



Analyze And Regulate Online Services

Where is your data stored?

Are accounts being shared?

What privacy policies and SLAs do your suppliers provide?

Which users show risky online behavior?


Shadow IT presents a special problem in that these resources are enterprise-owned but not managed like other resources.

NIST Zero Trust Architecture


We'll show you how easy it is to use Scirge to overcome Shadow IT.
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Discover web accounts automatically based on central policies.

Track who has or had access to what accounts.

Reduce your organization's exposure to credential-related threats.

Dictate password hygiene for third-party online business-related accounts.

Protect your AD accounts and passwords.

Raise awareness among employees.

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